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2022 Bujinkan Membership (Annual)

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2022 Bujinkan Membership – $40 + $15 processing/shipping and handling fee

*Annual Membership* Must be Renewed Yearly*

Membership is required in order for you to Earn Rank in the Bujinkan.

Join the  Bujinkan Organization and EARN RANK with these Training Videos!

We are pleased to offer you a great way to earn rank in the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu training system. Our complete curriculum is specially designed for those who do not live close to a dojo and would not be able to train or test for rank in person. At Ninja Training TV, we have created a totally online system for training and even advancing in rank and receiving feedback from Sensei Mark Roemke at every step.

To Earn Rank and become a certified black belt in Grandmaster Hatsumi Sensei’s World Renown Bujinkan Organization here are the steps.

  1. Buy the complete White to Black Belt set or each level one at a time.
  2. Purchase your Annual Bujinkan Membership ($40 +$15 processing/shipping ).
  3. Purchase "Earn Rank" after each completed level (you may choose from the basic package or the video response package).

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Customer Reviews

Great videos and content - Sensei Roemke is a super teacher

Rated 5 out of 5
August 20, 2021

Especially now I really appreciate the ability to learn ninja skills at home. There are lots of solo training drills I can do now and when things open up again I can try to find a training partner.

P. Tuscano