Earning Rank in the Bujinkan


Bujinkan Membership (Annual)

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Bujinkan Membership – $40 + $15 processing/shipping and handling fee

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Membership is required in order for you to Earn Rank in the Bujinkan.

Joining the Japanese Bujinkan Organization and EARNING RANK with these Training Videos!

We are pleased to offer you a great way to earn rank in the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu training system. Our complete curriculum is specially designed for those who do not live close to a dojo and would not be able to train or test for rank in person. At Ninja Training TV, we have created a totally online system for training and even advancing in rank and receiving feedback from Sensei Mark Roemke at every step.

To Earn Rank and become a certified black belt per Grandmaster Hatsumi Senseiā€™s World Renown Japanese Bujinkan Organization we here are the steps.

  1. Buy the complete White to Black Belt set or each level at a time.
  2. PurchaseĀ Japanese Bujinkan Organization Membership (Anual Fee $55).
  3. Purchase "Earn Rank" after each completed level (you can choose from the two options mentioned at the top of this page).