7th KYU - Nanankyu - Third Level

Individual High definition videos from White Belt to Black Belt, taught by Bujinkan Ninjutsu Shihan Mark Roemke.

Learn The Art of the Ninja

7th KYU- Nanankyu

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7th Kyu Individual Video


7th KYU – Nanankyu – Third Level, taught by Jugodan Mark Roemke, Ninjutsu Shihan Ninja Training TV.

What You Get

  • Both Download and Streaming Formats
  • All Devices Access
  • PDF of the All New Complete White Belt to Black Curriculum
  • Option to join Shihan Roemke’s Private FB page for continued instruction
  • The ability to Earn Rank through the Japanese Bujinkan


7th KYU- Nanankyu- Third Level
Leaping skills, flips, and handsprings
More Koshi Sanpo (striking) methods and Torite Goho Gata (grappling) methods
The weapon is Katana (Sword)


Customer Reviews

7th Kyu - Katana training is the best!

5.0 rating
June 25, 2020

You can’t have a proper study of ninja without swords! 7th Kyu covers the introduction to the katana- from drawing to cutting- great stuff. This lesson continues to broaden your hand to hand taihenjitsu and interesting escapes and joint locks. I havent purchased the additional training videos on the katana yet – but if you liked the 7th Kyu it looks like the right direction to go.


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