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Ten Thousand Power Chain

By The Tai Chi Ninja (a.k.a. Kyle Connally) The “Manrikiguasari” (10,000 Power Chain) or Kusari Fundo (Chain Weight) is an extremely adaptable and concealable weapon, consisting of a chain anywhere from 12” to 48” long with various sized weights attached to the ends, and comes in a variety of chain styles. Whipping and spinning around … Continue reading “Ten Thousand Power Chain”

Ancient Powerhouse: Kyoketsu Shoge

By The Tai Chi Ninja (a.k..a Kyle Connally) One of the more exotic weapons in the ninja arsenal is the “Kyoketsu Shoge”, which literally translated means “to run about in the fields and mountains.” It comes in a wide variety of designs, but generally it features some sort of stabbing and slashing implement attached to … Continue reading “Ancient Powerhouse: Kyoketsu Shoge”