9th KYU- Kyuukyu- First Level

Basic punching, kicking, structure, stances, and learning how to roll.

Learn The Art of the Ninja

9th KYU- Kyuukyu

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9th Kyu Individual Video


9th KYU- Nanakyu- First Level, taught by Jugodan Mark Roemke, Ninjutsu Shihan Ninja Training TV.

What You Get

  • Both Download and Streaming Formats
  • All Devices Access
  • PDF of the All New Complete White Belt to Black Curriculum
  • Option to join Shihan Roemke’s Private FB page for continued instruction
  • The ability to Earn Rank through the Japanese Bujinkan

9th KYU- Kyuukyu- First Level
Basic punching, kicking, structure, stances, and learning how to roll

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Rated 5 out of 5
November 25, 2022

It a great course and the testing couldnt be easier really although I made it difficult because I not tech saavy with a cell phone and it camera features. Then I had to learn how to upload the videos to a google drive folder. This was the most challenging piece to me and of course I was not really sure how to go about it the process but all I had was the paper showing 9th kyu material and the video demonstrating what I had to do. The material was the easy part, I have previous martial art training background to aid me, but organizing it for demonstration purposes I was unsure of but I took on the challenge and passed. Now I preparing for my fourth test and I find myself doing 20 or 30 takes before I get a video I either happy with or so frusterated trying I say %$$## it and I just send it in and see what happens. Once the camera rolls everything you was doing great with fall a part. Expect it. Since I never seen a online test and my only reference is that what I seen live and done myself in dojo I had to use that as a model to follow. The path of testing and training will be to develope yourself in areas not just in martial art skill but how to over come the challenge of learning skills to pull it off which involves out of the box thinking. Ninjitsu is about thinking outside the box and being creative. All objects can be used as a training aid and for demonstrative purposes and as I learn new material I keep thinking how is the best way to demonstrate this technique? Is it with a person or a grappling dummy? My wife and kids not going to allow me to do this technique on them so what can I do with a 4×4 post, some pvc pipe and duct tape, rope, flower pot, etc. . I have a jacket hanging up in the closet, maybe I can do something with that to demonstrate an arm lock? This is the challenege of online training and testing but I will say it been a great journey in personal development because now my mind is in the constant mode of looking at objects and asking what can I do with this and how many ways can I use it for ways it wasnt intended for like a stack of business cards, a door, door knobs, etc. Can I use it in self defense or gardening or fitness or a training aid. This is an art that goes way beyond striking and grappling. How can I find ways to use an object or skill to maybe escape a tragic situation or survive the wilderness. Just remember this course was designed to be done with a partner or solo. Solo training is not easy but over 90 percent of ones training to achieve skill development is done by solo training. Athletes solo train majority of the time so why shouldnt we?
As one blessed with Autistic skills, I find this course beneficial in so many ways and frusterating.
Training ninjitsu was something I wanted to do back when I was 14 ( I 56 now) . It my fantasy come true. I have earned two black belts ( taekwondo and krav maga) , trained in shotokan and arnis/escrima and some BJJ. My inspiration was Stephen Hayes who trained and wrote books with Master Hatsumi. It was all the training one could get unless you was in japan or attended a work shop by Hayes. No youtube, google or videos back in those days. Now I can take classes and study via video and online training by another student of Master Hatsumi in Mark Roemke. Plus earn rank . Times have really changed .

Larry Glenn Baker

Very good

Rated 5 out of 5
October 30, 2021

Lesson very professionality
Very good
Mark Roemker number one

Carlo Donadi


Rated 5 out of 5
August 20, 2021

Very fantastic!!!
Much professional
Mark Roemke number one!

Carlo Donadi

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