The Complete White Belt to Black Belt: Bujinkan Ninjutsu

The most complete and current Ninjustu course available on the market today!

  • Learn the Art of the Ninja
  • Train from White Belt to Black Belt
  • Ten High Definition Instructional Videos
  • Digital Download or Online Streaming format
  • Includes six schools of Samurai
  • and three schools of Ninpo (Ninja)

Included: Membership in Shihan Mark Roemke’s Online Dojo

Purchase all or part of The Complete White Belt to Black Belt Bujinkan Ninjutsu set and automatically join Shihan Roemke’s Online Dojo. Work your way to Black Belt under his careful guidance.

FULL SET - $249.99
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Also available as Individual Videos

Ninja Training TV

5 out of 5
based on 1 ratings.
1 user reviews.
Ninja Training TV

5 out of 5
October 17, 2016
By Far the Best Ninjutsu Course Available

The content is very good. Well presented, great camera work, plenty of detail. I've tried a few online courses as there's nobody in my area I can train with. This one is by far the best ninjutsu course available.

Declan Lestat, Aikido instructor

Meet Shihan Mark Roemke

Jugodan Mark Roemke, Ninjutsu Shihan Ninja Training TV.

Shihan Mark Roemke is your master teacher on Ninja Training TV.

  • Licensed to teach by Ninjutsu Grandmaster Soke Hatsumi
  • 20+ years of teaching experience
  • 15th Dan Practitioner
  • Created the Santa Cruz Bujinkan Dojo
  • Former New York State Tae Kwon Do Champion
  • Served in the US Army 10th Mountain Infantry unit