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Developed by 15th Dan practitioner and Dai Shihan Mark Roemke, a member in the Shidoshi Kai teachers association of the Bujinkan.

We specialize in in-depth courses for people around the world, whether you're looking to earn rank or just practice to enhance your martial arts skills, we have something for you.

Train from White to Black Belt, learn Japanese Sword, Rokushaku Basics, Hanbo Basics, Kyoketsu Shoge Basics, Kusari Fundo Basics- 10,000 Power Chain, Shuriken Basics, and more.

The Complete White Belt to Black Belt: Bujinkan Ninjutsu

The most complete and current Ninjutsu course available on the market today!

  • Learn the Martial Art of the Ninja
  • Train from White Belt to Black Belt
  • Train in Ninja and Samurai Weapons, Modern and Ancient
  • Practice and Earn Rank from Home
  • Detailed, High Definition Instructional Videos
  • Digital Download or Online Streaming Format
  • Includes six schools of Samurai and three schools of Ninpo (Ninja)
  • Join the Japanese Bujinkan organization
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Included: Membership in Dai Shihan Mark Roemke’s Online Dojo

Finding a high level Ninjutsu instructor hasn't always been easy. Now Dai Shihan Mark Roemke has made it possible for you to receive legitimate Ninjutsu training, and to advance in rank, all from your own home. You can purchase Ninja Training TV's training videos for entertainment or you can officially become Dai Shihan Roemke's student by buying any Ninja Training TV video and joining the Japanese Bujinkan organization through Ninja Training TV. If your goal is to earn rank, you will study and perform the curriculum with each White Belt to Black Belt  training video until you are comfortable demonstrating all techniques taught in your level, and you will be given instructions on how to take a video of your test and upload it for Dai Shihan Roemke's evaluation. If you are interested in individual use and mastery of various ninja and samurai weapons, Dai Shihan Roemke offers instruction from beginner to advanced, offering techniques and methods to allow you to practice at your own pace with the specific weapon, while improving your basic taijutsu skills.

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Also available as Individual Videos

Japanese Weapons Training Individual Lessons
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Hanbo Basics
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Meet Dai Shihan Mark Roemke

Jugodan Mark Roemke, Ninjutsu Shihan Ninja Training TV.

Dai Shihan Mark Roemke is your master teacher on Ninja Training TV.

  • Licensed to teach by Ninjutsu Grandmaster Soke Hatsumi
  • 20+ years of teaching experience
  • 15th Dan Practitioner
  • Created the Santa Cruz Bujinkan Dojo
  • Former New York State Tae Kwon Do Champion
  • Served in the US Army 10th Mountain Infantry unit
  • Contact Us: [email protected]