Hanbo 2

Japanese Weapons Series, taught by Jugodan Mark Roemke, Ninjutsu Shihan Ninja Training TV.

Japanese Weapons Series

Hanbo 2

Hanbo 2


Japanese Weapons Series – HANBO 2

Hanbo 2

In this video, you will be able to be guided by Dai Shihan Roemke to practice the ancient Ninja weapon the hanbo or half staff.

Also in this video, you will receive techniques from the Shodan level Waza of the Kukishinden Ryu school of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.

These techniques have been battlefield tested and are directly from the scrolls. We hope you enjoy this video and as always keep training

This Hanbo 2 course is an advanced level of skills and techniques from the Shodan Level Scrolls of Kukishinden Ryu - Nine Demon Gods School.

Hando is a 3-foot wooden staff or half staff used for striking and shielding..

What You Get

  • Both Download and Streaming Formats
  • All Devices Access
  • Option to join Shihan Roemke’s Private FB page for continued instruction
  • Ability to Earn Rank through both Ninja Training TV and Japanese Bujinkan

Short Video About Hanbo by Ninja Training TV



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