Welcome to Ninja Training TV


By the Taichi Ninja (aka. Kyle Connally)

Welcome to Ninja Training TV – your information storehouse of
the many skills that make up Ninjutsu, the art of the ninja. The skill set
of the ninja is extremely multifaceted and broad. On Ninja Training TV,
you can choose to focus on one particular skill of interest, a handful of
skills, or all of them; there is an inexhaustible source of knowledge
available to you in this art.

One of the oldest ninja schools in Japan, “Togakure Ryu” (Hidden
Door School,) lists 18 disciplines that compose the comprehensive
training of a ninja. These “18 Skills of the Ninja” are very closely related
to the 18 samurai fighting arts, but with some slight differences and
sub-categories. Both the samurai and ninja arts shaped the warriors of
the time and still shape warriors of today, yet in ancient Japan it was a
group of warriors, the ninja, who consciously decided through necessity
to not be bound by the rigid structures, traditions, and class systems of
the samurai.

This departure gave the ninja much greater freedom to pursue
unconventional ways of handling everyday life and conflict. They
developed their use of common and not- so- common weapons, “outside
the box” strategies and tactics, as well as an extremely effective hand-tohand
combat system. Even though many of the specific skills of the
ninja may not have their origin in Japan, it was the Japanese that
compiled these many skills into a way of training to form an
extraordinarily aware, adaptable, and invisible warrior.

Shihan Mark Roemke, your teacher and guide on Ninja Training
TV, mainly draws from the Takamatsu lineage passed on by Hatsumi
Sensei, the Grandmaster of Bujinkan Ninjutsu. However, there are some
skills in the ninja and samurai training scrolls that are only briefly
mentioned and are meant to be oral transmissions. In these cases
Shihan Roemke and the Ninja Training TV crew seek out experts in
these specific skills to bring some of that lost knowledge to light. We
also seek to demystify the stereotypes propagated by mass media, of the
cold-blooded ninja “assassins” made popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s,
when in truth the ancient way of Ninjutsu is the study of the enlightened
and peaceful warrior.
In modern times, Ninjustu has more practical meaning than ever
before. You don’t need to be interested in martial arts, weapons, or
historical warfare, to reap the benefits of this versatile art form.
Preparedness, awareness, and the ability to respond in uncertain times
are part of the benefits of study, as well as gaining a “Mary Poppins” bag
of tricks, keen perception, strategic thinking, and a deep sense of inner

So get ready, clear out a place to train in your house, and tune in to
our high definition, high-production quality videos, online support, and
our monthly blog posts. Begin your journey from white belt to black belt
or gain mastery in the weapons of your choice with Shihan Roemke and
Ninja Training TV. See you on the mat!

~Shiken Haramitsu Daikomyo~
“Through every encounter may we be brought to the highest light.”