Gear, Weapons and More for Ninjutsu Training

Looking for Gear? Below you can find suggestions to help you find the perfect Ninjutsu weapons and gear for your step in the journey.

We have provided multiple options. whether your a beginner or experiences there is something for everyone.

Japanese Sword (Katana)

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"Historically, katana were one of the traditionally made Japanese swords that were used by the samurai of ancient and feudal Japan. The katana is characterized by its distinctive appearance: a curved, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands. Wikipedia
Place of origin: Japan
Weight: 1.1–1.3 kg
Blade length: approx. 60–73 cm (​23 5⁄8–​28 3⁄4 in)"  [1]

Kusari Fundo

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"Kusari-fundo (鎖分銅) is a hand held weapon used in feudal Japan, consisting of a length of chain (kusari) with a weight (fundo) attached to each end of the chain. Various sizes and shapes of chain and weight were used as there was no set rule on the construction of these weapons. Other popular names are manrikigusari (萬力鏈) ("ten thousand power chain") or just manriki." [2]

Throwing Spikes, Knives, and Axe

To practice Shuriken, this includes throwing stars and throwing spikes of the Ninja.

Click here to view multiple options and suggested sets for training.

Perfect Point PP-595-6MC Throwers (6-Piece)

Perfect Point PP-060-9 Throwing Knife Set (9 Knives)

Perfect Point PAK-712-12 Throwing Knife Set (12 Knives)

Blade Factory 7pc Tactical Set with Sheaths for Throwing

Smith & Wesson Stainless Steel Throwing Knives & Sheath Set ( 6 Knives)

Set of Ninja Throwing Spikes with Red Tassel & Wrist Sheath (5 Pieces)

Practice Combo Set 6pc Throwing knives & Spike Full double Size Target board

United Cutlery KR0036B Kit Rae Black Jet Throwing Axe length: 14-7/8